Outsourced Managed Testing Services - What Why How

Outsourced Managed Testing Services - What Why How
Leon Lodewyks
Managing Executive: Global Delivery and South Africa Coastal, Inspired Testing
What are Outsourced Managed Testing Services?

Outsourced Managed Testing Services is a specialised, customised service offering for companies that want a third-party partner to assume full or partial responsibility for part or all of the software testing process. The service covers a broad range of testing types, including Test Automation, Functional Testing, Performance Testing and Exploratory Testing, and often a combination of these, depending on the project and customer requirements.

Why are Outsourced Managed Testing Services required?

Testing is generally considered a specialised function even within IT organisations, which often requires skills – and an investment in skills – that some companies can’t afford or don’t have. This is where a Managed Testing Service is useful, particularly when organisations:

  • Require more advanced testing skills than they are able to source themselves.
  • Companies aren’t geared for testing or require support for their testing staff.
  • More than one type of testing is required.
How are Outsourced Managed Testing Services obtained?

Outsourced Managed Testing Services typically follow a process that takes into account the organisation’s requirements, culture, project scope and budget. This typically includes:

  • Consulting – challenges and requirements are assessed and a comprehensive proposal is prepared that outlines the structure of the services and how they will be delivered.
  • Selection – an Outsourced Managed Testing Services provider should be able to provide a full range of specialised testing services for organisations to use as required. Typically, only some of these services are required, so careful selection as to which services will be used and how should be done prior to delivery.
  • Management – prior to selecting a service provider, it’s important to understand how the management and reporting process will be structured. This is critical for delivering services on time, to spec and to budget.
What are the benefits of Outsourced Managed Testing Services?

Using Outsourced Managed Testing Services normally reduces the cost of recruitment, upskilling and training, while ensuring that dedicated and sufficient resource are always available. This has the added benefit of providing peace of mind that the right testing is being used in the right way with proper management and guaranteed results, and requires zero investment in dedicated research and development. Lastly, it allows for seamless scalability either up or down, depending on findings, budget and other criteria.

Who would benefit most from Outsourced Managed Testing Services?

Smaller companies that have little to no testing resources or aren’t particularly advanced in their testing would benefit most from Outsourced Managed Testing Services. It’s also useful in more complex mixed service environments, and for companies that want to ramp up their testing or reduce their total cost of ownership.

Leon Lodewyks
About Leon

Leon Lodewyks joined Inspired Testing in 2019 as Head of International Delivery – having spent 15 successful years in the testing and software development industry in the UK. He worked for numerous high-profile companies in the UK as a test manager, where he developed a keen understanding of the importance of testing as a business strategy, particularly in the context of agile development frameworks. Leon now fulfils the role of Managing Executive of the Coastal region of South Africa + Global Delivery.