Exploratory Testing
Exploratory Testing


Exploratory Testing helps you find bugs. It's hassle-free and affordable.

fewer meetings. more testing.

Exploratory TESTING

With Xplore your application will be tested with a new set of eyes. The testers do not follow documented test cases as they will be exploring the application as new users with the intention to find potential bugs.

Exploratory TESTING Benefits

  • Software Testing best practices
  • No documentation required before starting test activities. Testers use the application as your end-users would.
  • Availability of devices for three major brands – Apple, Samsung and Huawei
  • Growing portfolio of personas
  • Independent resources with different perspectives to find problems on the system
  • Quick feedback
  • Affordable, on demand testing


Offering you fast, simple and hassle free exploratory or mapped based testing from manual to automated testing services for Mobile, Website and Web Applications. Zero investment required in people, toolsets or expensive mobile devices.

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